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The Cumberland Hotel - The Cumby Pub, has played a strong community roll on the Port River during South Australias formative years up until the present. The Cumby, as she is known to locals, was originally built at the edge of the Port Rivers swamp-front back in the day. As time rolled towards the 20th century, the Port grew, land was reclaimed to build the existing harbour and the pub now stands on terrafirma, situated directly across from Glanville train station. In those days, the hotel was used not only to serve its colonial ale but also as an auction house for the local land allotments, a coroners office when suspicious deaths occurred, a maternity facility, a meeting venue for town officials, new clubs, committees and disgruntled workers on the ship yards. Now, in 2018, we like to keep our customers happy by serving Ice Cold Beer, Great Wine, Bar Meals and Live Music in a pleasant atmosphere. Our pub boasts a fantastic outdoor area in the form of our beer garden, a refurbished front bar that we will continue to upgrade. With less than 25 meters to and from the train station and The Ports Walk, Jog Ride track around the river, our pub is an ideal destination to start and finish any journey to the Port Adelaide or Semaphore shopping and entertainment precincts. Or maybe just hop off the train and spend the afternoon or evening.

Next gig here Friday 3rd May 7PM - 11PM